What Are Printed Circuit Boards Used For?

What Are Printed Circuit Boards Used For?

You can find printed circuit boards in almost every electronic device. Given what they are able to accomplish, it is no surprise. However, what are printed circuit boards used for and why do they find such common use?

What Do PCBs Do?

It is hard to state a singular use of PCBs because there is a large variety of them. In fact, almost every device or object that uses a PCB requires its own unique version. Now, the general purpose of a PCB is to connect all the components that a device may need. By using a wide range of materials, the PCB helps the device function and can even allow for complex processes.

Electronic Devices

The most basic function of a PCB is to enable a simple action in an electric device. A PCB provides channels and pathways for the electricity and signals to follow. This allows a device to function on the most basic level. Without a PCB, a device might not even turn on.


A PCB is capable of more than just simple functions. By adding in specific components and custom designing, the PCB can run any number of processes. A great example of this is the PCB in a computer, which most people know as a motherboard. They also find use in medical and industrial fields as well.

Why They Are Common

The reasons why PCBs are so common are twofold. First, the PCB is one of the most efficient and complex parts that provide so much functionality to a device. The other reason people use PCBs so often is their convenience. It is possible to automate the crafting of a PCB once a design is made. You can complete the whole process with quick PCB prototyping at Pentalogix Inc.

Now, this is just generally what printed circuit boards are used for. However, it really comes down to the unique design of each PCB that determines its exact use.

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