The SD-450 is a High-Speed Dispensing Machine with a maximum speed on X/Y axis of 1500mm/S, with a maximum Dispensing frequency of opening and closing of valve at full stroke with up to 3000 Hz. Solid motion platform, X/Y/Z axis controlled by servo motor. Equipped with vacuum cleaning device and numerous high precision valve such as pneumatic jet valve, piezoelectric jet valve, screw valve which can meet different dispensing requirement. Standard equipped with visual assist and liquid level in tube detection system and X/Y/X auto correction platform. The valves are not included they are options depending of your applications.
Clock fast Lead Time: 4 weeks Money orange $49,950.00
The GR300S is an automated desktop type dispensing robot with a variety of dispensing valve and material feeding system to meet different material dispensing requirement
Money orange $5,950.00
The GR300S2Y is an automated desktop type dispensing Robot with double-station, 2 independent control working stations apply to more dispensing projects, dispensing and replacing product can be executed simultaneously by 2 work stations dispensing robot, dispensing head never stop, it greatlly improve production effiency.
Money orange $7,550.00