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This machine is standard equipped with a servo motor, robotic platform or moving table, with fluxer drop jet nozzle, bottom IR preheater, selective solder pot, inline N2 heater system, auto wave height calibration, live-on camera, Industrial PC Windows 10 English software.
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The ADS-3530 is ideal for assemblers looking for an easy and affordable way to improve soldering speed and consistency. The machine features a pin-type, fixture-less board holder for PCBs up to 350 x 300 mm.
Money orange $7,250.00
The Flex-I2 Compact Dual Pot is very versatile, allow you to use one solder pot for lead free Boards and at the same time use the other solder pot for another boards project or solder two of the same boards in a pallet at the same time, for larger production, or one pot for lead free and the other pot for leaded assembly.
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