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This machine is standard equipped with a servo motor, robotic platform or moving table, with fluxer drop jet nozzle, bottom IR preheater, selective solder pot, inline N2 heater system, auto wave height calibration, live-on camera, Industrial PC Windows 10 English software.
Clock fast Lead Time: 35 days Money orange $43,850.00
The solder dross separator SDS-10M has a patented mixing and separation system which make separation more efficient and easier for operation, it is a best solution for separation of solder dross.
Clock fast Lead Time: 45 days Money orange $10,500.00
The ADS-3530 is ideal for assemblers looking for an easy and affordable way to improve soldering speed and consistency. The machine, features a pin-type, fixture-less board holder for PCBs up to 350 x 300 mm.
Money orange $5,650.00