Finally An Affordable Selective Soldering Machine

Finally An Affordable Selective Soldering Machine

Compact and Flexible! Flux/Preheating/Soldering all in one.
Free Evaluation!
Send us a few boards and parts and we will make a free video showing the whole process: from Programming to Soldering.



  • PC Control.
  • Windows 7-64 Bit software.
  • Software can be customized to operate, edit, set, and to do programming with scanned picture as background, all parameters can be saved.
  • Also all key parameters will be monitored & alarmed. Like solder temperature, N2 temperature, moving speed, air pressure, N2 pressure etc.
  • Standard equipped with flux sprayer which can meet minimum diameter of 10mm dot at the PCB.
  • German made, drop jet flux nozzle can be ordered as Optional.
  • Flux is stocked in a pressure tank, for an stable fluxing performance.
  • Nozzles with diameter of: 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, and 4, 5.
  • X/Y/Z table is droved by Panasonic servo motor & servo driver. 3 layers motion limit protection for XYZ: software limit setting, limit sensor, mechanical limit stopper.
  • Auto wave height calibration optional, can close loop control wave’s height aromatically after certain boards.
  • FID points optional, can position the board with 0.05mm accuracy, good for some high accuracy position required board.
  • For ASEL-300 Handle boards up to 280 mm x 280 mm, PCB is loaded by hand.
  • For ASEL-450 Handle boards up to 300 mm x 330 mm, PCB is loaded by hand.
  • Solid titanium solder pot for lead-free solder.
  • Applications: Hybrid board, through hole component need good soldering quality CE Certified.


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