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Print Out The Circuit Board! How 3D Printing Can Cut Costs on PCB Assembly

Anyone can tell you that working in the technological field can be tricky. Like a puzzle piece that doesn’t fit, if one thing remains out of place then the whole picture will never look just right. It’s essential that the tools of the trade are made to quality standards, but in doing so that can sometimes be extremely costly. Luckily, there exists a new method in the works that can drastically reduce the cost to make quality tools, including prototype circuit boards.

With technology ever expanding, it then becomes an issue of balancing out new technology with inexpensive means. If we are ever to keep up, we need to find a way to make the parts quicker and cheaper, so that prototype PCBs can continue to be used.

3D printing is a massive industry nowadays. With huge varieties of items able to be printed directly off of the computer at a fraction of what it would usually cost, it’s easy to see why. Currently, in France, it’s been reported that Schneider Electric has begun to incorporate 3D printing across its manufacturing systems. So what does this mean for prototype printed circuit boards?

Well, with around $43.4 billion in revenue accumulated in 2013 from circuit board and electronic component manufacturing in the United States, in means the cost-effective means of printing out prototype circuit boards can only increase that revenue gained substantially. With the use of this technology, PCB assembly will be the easiest it’s ever been. It will first save time, as the delicate and pinpoint accuracy of needing to get every tiny puzzle piece of a printed circuit board down can now be done with a precision machine. This will not only create functioning prototype circuit boards more easily, it will also assemble at an incredibly faster rate.

In addition to that, the savings made from transitioning to 3D printing will be astronomical. It saves time to assemble, which in itself saves money. And the material used to create circuit boards can be better utilized in a machine, thus preventing waste. While the material used to create the prototype circuit boards will remain the same, and thus not provide lower costs, the time saved mass producing them is enough to create a vast difference in savings

In the world we live in, we are always looking to produce things faster, better and cheaper than what we produced yesterday. The endless amounts of uses a simple 3D printer has on countless industries makes it hard not to want to go out and grab one right away.

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