Choosing your reflow "Toaster" oven.

by Bob Rooks

Ovens and Thermal Profiles

The following toaster ovens have been tested with the outlined process and were found to meet the requirement to reflow most SMT PCBs which are 10 X 12 inch or smaller. We can not guarantee the results you may get using any other models, but this is a good size selection and there are sure to be low cost models, well under $100 at any local discount store.

Black & Decker TRO 5900TC
Bd oven
Black & Decker Solder Profile
Bd profile
GE Oven
Ge oven
GE Solder Profile
Ge profile
Oster 6230 & 6232
Ge oven
Oster Solder Profile
Oster profile
  • Brand
  • GE
  • Black & Decker
  • Black & Decker
  • Oster
  • Oster
  • Model
  • 106632
  • TRO5900CT
  • TRO6100CT
  • 6230
  • 6232

These test results show the ovens and their associated thermal reflow profiles. You can see how close they are in capability.