SPR-20 Manual SMT Stencil Printer

SPR-20 Manual SMT Stencil Printer

Part #: SPR-20
Lead Time: 3 weeks
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With the SPR-20 Stencil Printer, precise X, Y, Z and theta axis controls allow accurate, consistent deposition of solder paste or masking material for prototype circuit board assembly. This durable easy-to-use SMT printer provides repeatable and reliable results.
Model SPR-20
Linear squeegee guide no
Adjustable power sweep squeegee for single or dual passes no
Dual squeegee
adjustable angle of attack
Adjustable dual squeegee pressure/speed manual
Automatic power frame lift no
X & Y adjustment ± 0.500” (12.7mm)
Z axis adjustment 0 to 3/4” (19mm) 4 point leveling
Theta adjustment Single knob with true Ø, ± 3° range
Adjusts to various size frames yes
Clear Lexan® fixture for initial registration yes (for Y and Ø)
Unique “foil-frame” option yes, models FF-10/20
Nesting kit option for double sided prototype circuit boards yes
Vacuum hold-down option no
Metal squeegee option yes
Maximum print area 12” x 15”
305 x 380mm
Outside frame dimensions 20” x 17”
508 x 432mm
Approximate weight 50 lbs (22.7 kg)
Weight with stand option NA
Overall dimensions 21”W x 28”L x 11”H
533 x 711 x 280mm
Height with stand option NA
The Gold-Print™ SPR-20 benchtop, manual SMT stencil printer was designed for low to medium volume prototype circuit board assembly runs.

Key features:
  • Shares tubular and foil frames with SPR-25
  • True theta adjustment (from exact center point) to enhance alignment ease
  • Independent 4 point Z axis leveling
  • Complete printing kit provides polyurethane squeegee & holder, one tubular frame, and Lexan® fixture for easy registration set-up

  • Unique 'Foil-Frame' option - An adapter frame kit is available for mounting frameless stencils (foils) on the SPR-20 stencil printer. This option greatly reduces stencil costs because the stencil manufacturer need not supply a new frame with each stencil.
    Get a FREE Frameless SMT Stencil when you purchase this printer!

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