Prototype Stencil Printer

Prototype Stencil Printer

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The Prototype SMT Stencil Printer is a low cost printer specially designed for work with SMT stencils and foils. It is ideal for prototype PCB work and has a quick and easy registration method.
L-Shape Holders Not Included
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Designed for users by users, this stencil printer provides extreme flexibility through integration with existing prototype stencils and foils. This printer is compatible with all existing prototype stencils and all foils with a dimension of 10” in at least one direction and all frameless stencils with a foil size of 12” in at least one direction.

The base

This has been designed to be light weight, yet ridged and provides a consistent surface for supporting your prototype PCB evenly through the printing process. This comes complete with rubber stoppers to keep it from sliding on almost any workbench.

The frame

Precisely made out of aluminum, the frame is mounted to the base by a sturdy hinge that runs almost the entire length of the frame to provide consistent height accuracy across the printing surface. The foil has machined slots to hold it into the frame with up to ¼ inch of play for alignment of the stencil to the prototype PCB. There are 4 socket head cap screws on 3 sides of the foil to lock it into place once alignment is complete. These screws need only be hand tightened and should never be tightened with an allen wrench or tool other than the operators’ fingers.

The frame is adjustable to hold various foil types. This product is shipped standard setup to house 12” x 12” frameless SMT foils but will fit any foil with a 12” dimension in any one direction (e.g. 12x6, 12x8, 12x10 etc.). The mounting arm on the right edge can be adjusted inward to accommodate a 10” wide foil just like the 12” setting. For existing prototype stencils (with 3 sides bent up) the arms can both be removed and the foil can be attached to the frame by the one edge that is not bent up.


The foils can be ordered with center alignment or an offset alignment.

Centered alignment

The center alignment is just the image centered in the foil. If the printed circuit board outline is provided the centering will be based upon that; if there is no board outline then the centering will be based on the mass center of the apertures.

Offset alignment

The offset alignment will require a board outline in the data. If this is not provided with the initial order we will request it from you. This alignment will allow you to place the prototype PCB board holder (provided with the stencil) in the North West most corner of the printer and offset your image so that the stencil will align to the printed circuit board when placed in the frame. There is 1/8th of an inch adjustment from left to right and up to ¼” or more adjustment from front to back for alignment.


Base Dim X: 13.25” Y: 15.75”
Frame Dim X: 13.25” Y: 12.375”
Frame Lift 90 Deg. Max
Clamping Thumb screw (finger tight)
Foil Dim X: 12” Y: 12”
X: 10” Y: 8”
Max PCB Size 11” Centered 8” Offset
6.125" Centered 6.125” Offset