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PCB Unlimited offers a great selection of thru-hole equipment including wave solder machines, solder fountains, lead formers and component counters.

We represent some of the top American, European and Asian manufacturers including Novastar, Dektec and Torch. Their thru-hole equipment was designed and built to provide economical solutions for low to medium volume through hole assembly.

Wave Solder

We offer a range of machines for lead and lead-free wave soldering applications from benchtop to high production floor models, with solder wave configurations from 8 to 24 inches (203.2mm to 609.6mm) wide.

  • Lead or Lead-Free solder compatibility
  • Single or dual wave soldering capability
  • Flexibility with quick change, motorized lead or lead-free solder pots
  • Increase through hole soldering speed with dual wave soldering capability

Selective Soldering

Parts to be selectively soldered are usually surrounded by parts that have been previously soldered in a surface-mount reflow process, and the selective-solder process must be sufficiently precise to avoid damaging them, we are offering some options that can be use for your appications.

Solder Fountain

High temperature, lead-free Solder Fountains with blow-thru air nozzles are used for removal and replacement of through-hole components, connectors, etc. mounted on printed circuit boards.

Component Counters

PCB Unlimited offers a selection of component counters and trimmers that will become the ideal solution for your THT and SMT counting needs. Our radial and axial Trimmers count with high speed output of 12/26 components per turn respectively, with easily adjustable cut lengths that can be set in less than one minute.

Soldering Robots

Automatic Soldering Robots, are the solutions that meet the demands of applications that are too challenging for hand soldering. Robot soldering produce high quality soldering, are reliable, and guarantee 100% repeatability.

PCB & Stencils washing Machinnes

PCB & Stencil Cleaning Equipment we provide a high quality, precision cleaning performance, inline and off line PCBs and stencil cleaning/washing machines.

PCB Fabrication

PCB Fabrication

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