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PCB Unlimited is a leading distributor of solders and related materials for electronics assembly. Whether you require lead free or leaded solders in solder wire, solder paste or solder bar form, we offer extensive products from leading solder manufacturers.

Solder Paste

Solder paste is available for immediate delivery in 250 gram jars and 30 gram syringes:

  • Leaded No Clean & Water Soluble Solder Paste
  • Lead Free No Clean & Water Soluble Paste

To help us meet your specific needs, please provide us with information on your alloy, flux type, powder size and packaging preferences.

Wire Solder

Wire solder is available for immediate delivery in 015" and 0.31" wire diameters.

  • Leaded No Clean & Water Soluble
  • Lead Free No Clean & Water Soluble

Core wire solder is available in many alloys, including lead-free formulations. Core wire is typically packaged in one pound rolls but other packaging is available upon request.

Bar Solder

Bar solder available for immediate delivery in in 25-pound boxes.

Our bar solder meets today’s electronic manufacturing processes by providing a strong and reliable solder joint. Less dross, fewer bridges, and more reliable solder joints mean increased production efficiencies and improved return on your solder investment.

Liquid Solder Flux

Liquid Flux for wave soldering through-hole, mixed and surface mount assemblies is available for immediate delivery in 1-gallon container.

Additional products and custom formulations are also available upon request.

PCB Fabrication

PCB Fabrication

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