E6 Lead-free Reflow Oven

Part #: E6
Lead Time: 4 weeks
Data Sheet: Download PDF File
Touchscreen controlled lead-free oven with 6 up and 6 bottom full hot air convection zone. Ideal for inline production.
Price: $16,800.00$15,960.00

E6 Lead-free Reflow Oven
This convection reflow oven is ideal for low-volume lead-free printed circuit board soldering production lines.
  • 6 upper and 6 bottom forced hot air convection zones allow high quality lead-free soldering with uniform heating and exceptional process stability
  • Temperature accuracy of ±1°C and a high-speed CE certificated blower for maximum convection
  • Individual temperature control for all zones
Items E6
Heating zones Upper 6 hot air zones
Bottom 6 hot air zones
Heating zone length 60.63in
Dimension (no stand) L2550xW750xH670
Dimension (with stand) L2550xW750xH1250
Net weight 850 Lb
General power 33KW
Consumption power Aprox. 7KW
Ramp time 18 minutes
Control type Micro-processor control
Heat type Upper/botton zones fully forced hot air convection
Temp control PID close-loop. SSR drive
Temp range Ambinent-350°C
Temp accuracy ±1°C
Temp uniform ±2°C
Cooling type 1 cooling zone with CE certificated blower
Conveyor type Stainless steel mesh belt and Pin Chain conveyor
Conveyor height 10.63±0.79in(without stand) 35.43±0.79in(with stand)
Belt width 12.99in
Max PCB 11.81in
PCB clearance 1.18in
Conveyor speed 0-35.43in/min
Conveyor direction left to right
Hood lift Manual with help of plenum cylinder
Power supply 380v,3ph,50hz (Option: 220v, 3ph,60Hz or 220v,1ph,60hz)
Package Vacuuming

Main Features:

  • Streamline shape design make the oven looks great. It is panel control for standard machine. Meanwhile we provide touch screen and plc controlling system. It can save 50 groups temperature parameters and provide extra 2 ports for profile testing
  • Brand electrical component like Schneider (German) breaker, Omron (Japan) box relay. Meanwhile the CE certificated blower is specially design for lead-free reflow oven. It runs stable and lower noise
  • Upper zone, hood and electrical box cover can be opened easily. It is convenient for cleaning and maintenance
  • The inner tunnel of the oven is made of stainless steel which can stand the high temperature and easy for cleans
  • The entire upper and bottom zones are forced hot air convection
  • Stainless steel mesh belt. and chain conveyor and SMEMA

The Stencils Unlimited way - Prototype SMT Stencils. Click to zoom

Machine Schematics

Dimensions that will fit in tight spaces and still help you get the best productivity


Chain and mesh belt conveyor can accept boards up to 300m (11") and handle speeds up to 900 mm/min (35"/min). All rail has been harden-treated and comes with lubrication cup
The Stencils Unlimited way - Prototype SMT Stencils. Click to zoom
The Stencils Unlimited way - Prototype SMT Stencils. Click to zoom

Heating Zones

With 6 upper and 6 bottom forced hot air heating zones get full profile control. Ideal for prototyping, short-run or low production

Touchscreen Interface

The touchscreen interface allows you to save more than 50 groups of parameters including temperatures, speed and alarm. It also comes with 2 extra thermocouple ports for profiling
The Stencils Unlimited way - Prototype SMT Stencils. Click to zoom
The Stencils Unlimited way - Prototype SMT Stencils. Click to zoom

CE Certificated

Built with brand electrical components like Schneider (German) breaker, Omron (Japan) box relay and a powerful CE certificated blower, this oven is specially designed for lead-free reflow processes. Performing very stable runs and keeping noise lower than any other of its type