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The One-Stop-Shop for your PCB projects!

In 2003, our sister company Stencils Unlimited pioneered the internet SMT stencil quote and order process. In 2008, PCB Unlimited took it one step further by providing a one-stop-shop where engineers can quote and order online US and Offshore PCBS and everything else they need for their PCB projects.

Agustin Araujo, CEO

US PCB Fabrication

We have a wide range of capabilities including Rigid, Flex and Rigid-Flex printed circuit boards.

Offshore PCB Fabrication

Why Purchase your Chinese Printed Circuit Boards from PCB Unlimited?

  1. Our PCB Chinese manufacturing partners have State-of-the-Art Facilities.
  2. We screened them for proper credentials such as UL and ISO certification.
  3. We handle engineering issues, scheduling challenges and delivery problems.
  4. We have a money-back guarantee program.
  5. You can quote your Chinese Printed Circuit Boards online.
  6. Low shipping cost is included in Chinese PCB quote.

US and Offshore PCB Assembly

Our US operation specializes in Quick-Turn Prototype PCB Assembly and Low Volume Production, including ITAR. Our offshore operation allows us to service your high volume production needs.

  • Leaded and lead-free
  • Single or double sided SMT
  • Thru-hole, SMT, and mixed assembly
  • Passives down to 0201 sizes
  • BGA and micro BGA
  • Leadless Devices (LGAs and QFNs)

PCB Design & Layout

We are experts in PCB design and Layout with a solid reputation in high speed digital, analog, mixed-signal and RF systems. We design single, double, and high layer count (Up to 32 layers), Rigid, and Flex-Rigid printed circuit boards. We support:

SMT Stencils

PCB Unlimited can offer the same SMT stencils that our sister company Stencils Unlimited offers:

StencilMate™ Leadless Device Rework Stencils
StencilQuik™ BGA Rework Stencils
StikNPeel™ Rework Stencils
Quick-Turn Rework Stencils
Flip-Up Stencils
Prototype SMT Stencils
Prototype SMT Foils
CPF Stencils
Frameless SMT Stencils
Framed SMT Stencils
Electroformed Framed Stencils

Soldering Products

PCB Unlimited is a leading distributor of solders and related materials for electronics assembly. Whether you require lead free or leaded solders in solder wire, solder paste or solder bar form, we offer extensive products from leading solder manufacturers.

SMT Equipment

PCB Unlimited offers a great selection SMT equipment including manual and automatic stencil printers, pick & place machines as well as benchtop batch and low to mid volume reflow ovens for surface mount assembly.

We represent some of the top American, European and Asian manufacturers including Novastar, LPKF, Technoprint, DIMA and Dektec. Their SMT equipment was designed and built to the highest standards while attaining excellent cost/performance ratio.

Thru-Hole Equipment

PCB Unlimited offers a great selection of thru-hole equipment including wave solder machines, solder fountains, lead formers and component counters.

We represent some of the top American, European and Asian manufacturers including Novastar, Dektec and Torch. Their thru-hole equipment was designed and built to provide economical solutions for low to medium volume through hole assembly.