SPR-10 Manual SMT Stencil Printer

SPR-10 Manual SMT Stencil Printer

Part Number: SPR-10 Clock fast Lead Time: 3 weeks Pdf file Data Sheet

The SPR-10 Manual Stencil Printer reduces stencil cost and has easy-to-use controls. This durable SMT stencil printer provides repeatable, reliable results with prototype printed circuit board assembly.
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The SPR-10 is a cost effective manual stencil printer with a quick and easy registration method perfect for prototype printed circuit boards. The operator simply holds the frame on opposite edges, manually aligns the stencil openings to the PCB land patterns, locks the frame, and applies solder paste.

The model SPR-10 uses the same tubular and foil frames as the SPR-20 printer.

Unique “Foil-Frame” option

An adapter frame kit is available for mounting frameless stencils (foils) on the SPR-10 stencil printer. This option saves money in the printed circuit board assembly process because the stencil manufacturer need not supply a new frame with each stencil.

Main Features

  • Unique alignment registration system.
  • Lowest cost APS manual stencil printer


Linear Squeegee Guide No
Adjustable Power Sweep Squeegee
for Single Or Dual Passes
Dual Squeegee
Adjustable angle of attack
Adjustable Dual Squeegee Pressure Speed Manual
Automatic Power Frame Lift No
X Amp Y Adjustment ± 0.500” (12.7mm)
Z Axis Adjustment 0 to 3/4” (19mm) 4 point leveling
Theta Adjustment Manual alignment
Adjusts To Various Size Frames Yes
Clear Lexan ® Fixture for Initial Registration No
Unique "Foil Frame" Option Yes, models FF-10/20
Nesting Kit Option for Double Sided Prototype Printed Circuit Boards Yes
Vacuum Hold Down Option No
Metal Squeegee Option Yes
Maximum Print Area 12” x 15”
305 x 380mm
Outside Frame Dimensions 20” x 17”
508 x 432mm
Approximate Weight 35 lbs (13.6 kg)
Weight with Stand Option NA
Overall Dimensions 17.5”W x 27”L x 11”H
445 x 686 x 280mm
Height with Stand Option NA