Printed Overlays use a Spot Color Process is a simple yet high quality solid color printing process, it delivers the clarity whether is covering a control panel or an information monitor, made from a wide range of materials, in different shapes and sizes they can protect your components from the harmful effects of industrial and environmental damage.

In a Spot Color Process, a number of ink colors are selected from a palette before printing; these are the colors that will show in the print.
Halftones can be used for shading and mixing colors, although not every color. If you are looking for a full color process for printing your decal, check out our Digital Printing Process.

Preferred Graphics Software Applications

  • Illustrator 10.0 (MAC & PC) - saved as an EPS Illustrator 6 file
  • Photoshop (MAC & PC) - There is $10 conversion fee when using Photoshop.
  • Zoner Draw 4 (saved as an EPS) - download a free trial version from: http://www.zoner.com/draw4


  • Create outlines for text

Other Supported Graphics Software Applications

NOTE: There is a $50 conversion fee when the file you supply is in one of the following file formats.

  • AutoCAD
  • Bitmap
  • Corel
  • Freehand 10.0
  • JPEG
  • PageMaker 7.0
  • Quark Xpress 5.01
  • TIFF

Please provide only one Artwork file per Label/Decal or Overlay/Panel. If you need to add special instructions such as locations and sizes of clear windows and cut outs please create a detail layer in your Artwork file.

Colors Available

If you are using Illustrator we recommend that you download and use the color palette file we provide. If you are using a different application please select your colors from the following 20 color matrix:

Color RGB Value Color RGB Value
   White (255-255-255)    Orange (255-153-0)
   Dark gray (153-153-153)    Process Yellow (255-242-0)
   Light gray (204-204-204)    Yellow (255-255-0)
   Silver (204-204-204)    Lemon Yellow (255-255-51)
   Cobalt Blue (0-0-102)    Process Magenta (237-0-144)
   Intense Blue (0-153-204)    Tomato Red (255-0-0)
   Process Blue (0-176-240)    Ruby Red (204-0-0)
   Teal (0-102-102)    Purple (51-0-102)
   Apple Green (0-153-0)    Brown (5-0-0)
   Kelly Green (0-204-51)    Black (0-0-0)

NOTE: We can not guarantee a perfect color match if you use colors that are not listed in this matrix.

Due to variances between output and viewing devices (printers and monitors) actual colors will vary. Color values are for reference only.

Technical Specifications

  • Minimum stroke width: 1pt
  • Minimum letter height: 8pt or .125" tall bold non-serif type style
  • Minimum cut out size: Lexan polycarbonate .25"
  • Minimum clear window size: Lexan polycarbonate .0625"
  • Maximum decal size of 1 dimension is 12.5"

For larger text size bold font is not necessary, however serifs or strokes will need to be at least 1 pt. wide for best quality.

For more information email: Technical Support