NC120 No Clean Flux

NC120 No Clean Flux

Part Number: NL921 REPAIR FLUX Clock fast Lead Time: 4 Days Pdf file Data Sheet

NC120 Low Residue NO CLEAN FLUX is a halide-free, non rosin, organic 2% solids activated material for wave soldering through-hole, mixed and for printed circuit board assemblies.

  • A solder temperature of 230-250 degrees C Recommended
  • Excellent Solderability
  • Available in 1 Gallon Container
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NC120 is formulated to eliminate bridges or icicles, and provide excellent solderability with minimal flux residue so that cleaning is not necessary.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

NC120 No Clean Flux MSD

Main Features

The specific gravity of
the flux should be maintained between 0.82 and 0.86.
  • The amount of flux to be applied during foaming applications should be between 800 and 1300 micrograms per square inch of solids.
  • The amount of flux to be applied during spray application should be between 475 and 850 micrograms per square inch of solids.


Solids Content 2.0 – 2.2%
Specific Gravity at 20 Degrees C 0.82 – 0.86
Acid Number (mgKOH/gm) 16 - 20
Color Clear to light amber
Copper Mirror Low Activity
J-STD-004 Classification ROL0
Halides Content 0.00%