AL-Q6000 3D Solder paste Inspection system

AL-Q6000 3D Solder paste Inspection system

Part Number: AL-Q6000

AL-Q6000 3D Solder paste Inspection (SPI) system, is a system that can identify any problem caused in Screen printing. This 3D SPI is essential to avoid sending poorly prototype PCB devices downstream or compromising the long-term reliability of devices being built.
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It is an established fact that many defects are attributed to the solder paste printing process and solder joint formation. It is also a known fact that solder paste volume is an important predictor of good quality solder joints and long-term reliability of solder joints. Knowing that, process control has become a key element in the success of finer pitch devices, like 0201’s, CSP’s, BGA’s (ball grid array), CCGA’s (ceramic column grid array) which have known requirements for volume.

Main Features

Laser triangle measurement
  • Cut costs through process improvement and defect detection and elimination, thus building profits and providing competitive and robust PCB assembly processes.
  • High speed camera and image analyse Thechnology which can handle 01005 chip easyly
  • Autofocus against PCB warping compensation by Z-axis moving. 100 Profiles/sec/li>
  • The craft parameter adjust advise is provided by the professional SPC tool.
  • An Excel report is provided automatically
  • Operating System used is Windows XP


Applications Solder paste, red gum, stencil, bare PCB, BGA/CSP/FC
Measurement Height, volume, area, 3D profile, 2D distance
Software Language Chinese/English
Lights Low power laser(Wavelength 660nm, Power 5mW)
Speed 100 Profiles/sec
Resolution Height 0.5μm, Side(X,Y):6μm
Repeatability Height: < 1%, Volume: < 1% at 3 sigma
3D Mode 3D Open GL
Main Functions Manual/Half-auto/Auto measurement, Fast programming / one-click repeated job on the same devices
Full prototype PCB scan, zoom and navigation,3D simulation to get real paste feature, Powerful SPC functions
SPC Software Product information including product name/line/paste specification/marks location stencil info,
Measurement including max height/min height/average height/area/volume SPC: X-BAR,R-CHART,Histogram CP/Cpk/PP/PPK
Comp System Windows XP
Power Supply 85~230V,60/50Hz
Size & Weight 570(W)×700(L)×450(H)mm 80kg