US QuickTurn PCBs

US QuickTurn PCBs

b Smart DFM File Check - eliminate CAM holds NO EXTRA CHARGE
b Any Drill Size between 0.008" and 0.350" NO EXTRA CHARGE
b Trace Width / Spacing 0.005" / 0.005" NO EXTRA CHARGE
b Internal Cutouts - Plated or Non Plated NO EXTRA CHARGE
b Complex Board Shapes NO EXTRA CHARGE
b Electrical Testing included NO EXTRA CHARGE
b Green Soldermask - Top and Bottom NO EXTRA CHARGE
b White Silkscreen - Top, Bottom or both NO EXTRA CHARGE
bYour choice of Tin/Lead HASL or ENIG (ROHS) finish plating  

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Tab Route: Yes Mouse Bites: Yes
Spacing: 0.2 inches Rails: 0.5 inches

Panel size: 0.00 x 0.00 (inches)
Default Values
Material Type: FR4 Tg135 or Tg170 Min. Trace Space: 0.005 inches
Finish Thickness: 0.062 Copper Weight: 1 oz Outer / 1 oz Inner
Solder Mask Sides: Both Sides Solder Mask Color: Green
Silk-Screen Color: White
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Customer Reviews

Date Added: Friday 08 March, 2013

by Charles Gervasi

These boards are robust in the face of repeated rework. I\'m not sure what the reason is but when I do antenna matching, requiring me to solder a tiny connector on and then do dozens of rework iterations to find the right parts, some other boards fall apart more than others. The copper just delaminates; this happens on the RF connectors, which experience a lot of torque. And it happens after replacing an 0402 a dozen times. I have not experienced this problem with the US protos from PCB Un


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