StencilMate™ Leadless Device Rework Stencils

StencilMate™ Leadless Device Rework Stencils

Lead Time: 5 business days
Data Sheet: Download PDF File

Were designed to reliably and quickly replace leadless device packages such as QFNs or LGA packages.

  • StencilMate™ comes in a pack of 20 rework stencils
  • Alignment is simple. No need to use custom fixtures or frames.
  • The stencil is cut using a laser to your exacting device requirements.
  • Elimnate the need to use capital intensive equipment or require a high degree of skill.

This is a unique stenciling BTC (QFN , LGS, etc) rework stencil system. It improves first pass yields and allows you to rework leadless devices without high-end rework systems.

This configurable part number means you do not have to sort through all of the patterns listed (there are many more).

The data you send us to make your part must have: Pattern of the solder array incl dimensions

This BTC rework stenciling system allows you to manually place BTCs for prototyping or low volume builds.

The BTC rework stencils come in 0.004" thick.

  • Minimum Aperture Size: .002in (.05mm)
  • Stencil Material: .Plastic film with release liner. Adhesive is an acrylic hgih temperature-rated type of adhesive.
  • Minimum Pitch: .020in (0.3mm)
  • Maximum Stencil Size: Approx 4 x 4in (100mm x 100mm)

We accept either standard GERBER files, part data sheets or CAD files.

StencilMate(TM) stencils are packaged in groups of (10) sets for part/board or (20) pieces for the bumping of just the parts.

Simplify and Speed Up QFN and LGA device rework
StencilMate™ has been honored with the coveted Vision Award for 2010 Product of the Year under the Rework Products category.

Are you tired of the existing leadless device rework methods being in the hands of process experts due to the complexities and the dexterity required? Are you looking for a faster, more fool-proof leadless rework method? The new StencilMate™ process is an answer to your QFN and LGA rework problems. This unique method simplifies the leadless device rework process allowing for better yields and faster rework times.

The simple nature of the StencilMate™ rework process allows even the beginning repair technician to reliably and quickly replace leadless device packages such as QFNs or LGA packages. Alignment is simple with the edges of the stencil being "squared up" with the sides of the package thereby eliminating the need to use custom fixtures or frames. The adhesive is engineered such that it has enough “tack” to be held in place once you have aligned the stencil but not too much “tack” such that if you are misaligned it is impossible to start over. After the device has been reflowed, the stencil is simply peeled off and is ready to place.

The StencilMate ™ stencils are packaged and delivered to you the way you want. Stencils are custom made to your exact requirements without tooling charges. They are packaged such that those building PCB prototypes or removing and replacing leadless devices can use them.

These rework "bumping" stencils simplify the replacement of leadelss device packages such as LGAs, QFNs and others. StencilMate™ stencils are manufactured to your exacting specifications with the data taken from your device data sheet. The stencil is cut using a laser to your exacting device requirements. The stencil is aligned to the prepped device and reflowed. After reflow the stencil is simply peeled away and the device cleaned. Now this bumped device can be placed by other conventional means or aligned using the mating StencilMate™ stencil adhered to the PCB.

StencilMate™ stencils are packaged in groups of (20) in a small antistatic bag. Each packet also consists of enough stencils to "bump" (20) parts or or enough StencilMate™ device / board pairs to rework (10) devices. Squeegees are sold separately.

Benefits of StencilMate™
User instructions

1. Align stencil to part.
2. Squeegee solder paste into aperatures
3. Reflow. Remove StencilMate ™
4. Clean and Inspect
5. Align/place StencilMate™
on board and squeegee solder
paste onto board
6. Hand place "bumped" device
into aperatures and reflow
This is how to order
To order your custom Leadless Device rework StencilMate please select the number of apertures (The price is based on the number of apertures) and upload the datasheet or Gerber file for your BGA component.

Number of apertures Price Number of apertures Price
Up to 425 $80.00 426 to 600 $90.00
601 to 960 $120.00 960 to 1400 $160.00
1401 to 2000 $190.00 2001+ $220.00

The StencilMate part number is optional. If you are providing the StencilMate part number you do not need to upload any file. And if you upload a file you don't need to provide the part number. But it is REQUIRED to provide at least ONE of both.

Standard lead time is (5) business days, 24-48hr expedites are also available. StencilMate comes in a pack of 20 (10/part, 10/board) BGA rework stencils.

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