SN100C Lead Free Bar Solder

SN100C Lead Free Bar Solder

Part #: SN100C-BSLF
Lead Time: 3 Weeks
Data Sheet: Download PDF File
SN100c Bar Solder unique's properties make it possible to achieve high productivity in soldering for the printed circuit board process offering cost effective reliable joints.

  • Alloy Sn-Cu+Ni
  • Spread Factor is 77-78%
  • Melting Point:227°C/450°F
  • Available in 25 Lb box
Alloy: Copper 1 mg/mm3 Tin 2 mg/m3
Size:25 Lbs Box
Easy to maintain alloy composition
Smooth, Bright Fillets
Lower Drossing than other lead free alloys
Applications: Wave Soldering, Manual Rework, Dip Soldering, Re?ow Soldering
Reactive to Equipment is LOW
SN100C Bar Solder gives bridge-free wave soldering at temperatures normally used with tin/lead alloys. Special features include high fluidity, low copper erosion, low drossing, superior wetting, freedom from shrinkage defects and offers great solderability for printed circuit board surfaces.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
SN100C LF Bar Solder MSDS

Performance Characteristics:
  • Brightest, smoothest, shiniest joints of all lead free alloys
  • Lower cost than silver containing lead free alloys
  • Color: Grey

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