We provide the following services

  • Test Planning
  • Board Bring Up
  • Part Programming
  • Functional Testing
  • Custom Test Jig Development
  • Failure Analysis

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First stage of the PCB, proof of concept. Focused on functionality and demonstrable product. Board bring up and debug straight off the assembly line.

  • Shorts and open test on voltage rails
  • Basic confirmation of functionality & 'Board Bring Up'
  • Basic power test supplies for stability and spec
  • Measure clocks & oscillators
  • If firmware available, program devices
  • Start test jig spec during this phase

rev a

Fix the first issues identified in Prototyping stage. Additional features check. Expand areas of test.

  • Program devices
  • Unblock functionality test
  • AC and DC measurement
  • Jitter & accuracy
  • Run diagnostics if available
  • Basic environmental tests
  • Jig development starts during this phase


Expanded test procedures to include reliability testing at temperatures to accelerate life time testing Pilot Functional Testing.

  • Program devices
  • Unblock functionality test with some boards
  • AC and DC measurement with some boards
  • Jitter &accuracy with some boards
  • Run diagnostics with some boards
  • Test jig development occurs during this phase


Once production has been approved product starts to ramp up Test jig is fully developed and ready for volume production.

  • Program devices
  • Perform pass/fail testing
  • Run diagnostics on jig with some boards
  • Deploy test jig
  • Deploy Functional Test


Failure analysis is an ongoing process throughout which ensures continuous improvements and yield.

  • Start using test jig
  • Run diagnostics jig randomly pull and test some boards
  • Run Functional Test