PCB Panel Share

PCB Panel Share

b Any Drill Size larger than 0.010"
b Trace Width / Spacing 0.006" / 0.006"
b Internal Cutouts - Plated or Non Plated
b Complex Board Shapes
b Electrical Testing included
b Green Soldermask - Top and Bottom
b White Silkscreen - Top, Bottom or both
b Tin/Lead HASL Finish Plating  
Minimun Order $5.00
Price: $0.00

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PCB Panel Share

High quality, full featured prototype printed circuit boards - made in the US.

PCB Panel Share Standard Specifications

2 and 4 Layer Boards
FR4 Material
Tin Lead HASL Finish Plating
Green Soldermask Both Sides
White Silkscreen Both Sides
Internal Cutouts
Irregular Board Shapes
Electrical Test Included
Final Thickness = 0.062"
Copper Weight = 1 oz (outer) / 1 oz (inner)
Minimum trace width and spacing = 0.006"
Minimum finished drill size = 0.010"
Minimum annular ring = 0.006"
Minimum slot width = 0.032"
Minimum edge to copper = 0.010" (outer) / 0.012" (inner)
Single up boards only, no panel or multiple designs

  • 1. Orders are not guaranteed to be accepted until your files pass our design rules check.
  • 2. All files will be retained for at least 1 year.
  • 3. Orders can be shipped anywhere in the world that is served by UPS or FedEx.
  • 4. We reserve the right to change prices and delivery terms at any time.

Files needed to manufacture PCB Panel Share

The PCB Panel Share website will only accept one file for each board ordered. The following files need to be compressed into a ZIP file and uploaded when the order is placed.

  • 1. Gerber files in 274X (extended) or 274D (basic) format
  • 2. Excellon NC drill file(s)
  • 3. Optional - a drill drawing specifying finished hole sizes, quantities, plated or non-plated

PCB Panel Share Stack-Up

PCB Panel Share Stack-Up
Layer 1 1.0 oz Copper 1.0 oz Copper
DIELECTRIC 0.059" 0.0075"
Layer 2 1.0 oz Copper 1.0 oz Copper
Layer 3   1.0 oz Copper
DIELECTRIC   0.0075"
Layer 4   1.0 oz Copper
Finish Thickness 0.062" 0.062"

UL, Date Code and other marking

By default we add a UL marking to the bottom copper layer, if there is no room on the bottom copper we add it to the bottom silkscreen. We add a Date Code and a serial number to the bottom silk screen layer.

Controlled Impedance

Controlled Impedance is not available on PCB Panel Share.

If require controlled impedance try the US Custom Spec PCBs or Offshore PCB.

What types of payments do you accept?

Payment terms are by PayPal or credit card through the PCB Unlimited Panel Share website. We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Bank card transactions are processed electronically using a secure SSL website.

If you have more questions, please contact us at support@pcbunlimited.com

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