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PCB Unlimited offers the best selection of high quality Flexible circuits and Rigid-Flex
PCB solutions: Including Offshore fabrication for complex designs at the best prices, and US fabrication for shorter Lead-Times

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PCB Unlimited understands that customers are often looking for a one stop shop to handle their flex circuit design, fabrication, as well as assembly needs to reduce product handling and lead time associated with out-sourcing each of these tasks. Whether your idea is a sketch or diagram, we'll help you design a cost-effective interconnect solution. We are also set up to handle component assembly including connectors and various surface mount components. Presented are common capabilities. Come speak to us concerning tighter tolerances or special process requirements.

Flexible Circuits Capailities

Material Selection

Polyimide Films 0.5 mil (.0005"), 1 mil (.001"), 2 mils (.002"), 3 mils (.003"), 5 mils (.005")
Thermobond Adhesives Acrylic/Modified Acrylic, Phenolic Butyral, Modified Epoxy
Copper Foils (rolled-annealed) 0.5 oz. (.0007"), 1 oz. (.0014"), 2 oz. (.0028")
Stiffeners FR-4, polyimide, metal, or customer supplied
FR-4 in Multi-layer Flex Circuits Laminated to flex circuit to create rigid flex boards.  Typically with vias.
Surface Finish Solder (hot air leveling or electrolytic plating), Electroless Au and Ni
Other Materials or Finishes Speak with us concerning your special requirements

Artwork Capabilities and Tolerances

Minimum Trace and Space .003"/.003" (0.5 oz.) 
.004"/.004" (1 oz.)
Minimum Annular Ring Over Drill Size 
Required on Artwork to Maintain Tangency
.010" (GERBER required)
Minimum Inner Diameter or Thermal Reliefs .010" (drill size)
Minimum Space Between Coverlay Openings .010"
Edge of Coverlay Opening to Trace .007" (preferred)
Minimum Legend Line Width .007"

Drill Capabilities

Smallest Drill Size +/- .006"
Largest Drill Size .267"
Smallest Slot Width .008"

Fabrication Tolerances

Minimum Trace to Route Edge Dimension +/- .005"
Minimum Route Dimensional Tolerance +/- .005"
Minimum Tolerance of ZIF Connector to Edge of Flex +/- .003"
Minimum Feature to Feature Dimensional Tolerance +/- .003"
Minimum Corner Route Radius .010" +/- .0005"
Minimum Inside Radius .006" +/- .0003"

Flex Circuit Construction

Flex circuits have found their way into a myriad of applications spanning many markets including computer, data communications, consumer, medical, military, and aerospace. Common applications include: laptop computers, ink jet printers, hard disk drives, optical storage drives, cellular phones, video tape recorders, auto-focus cameras, portable CD players, finger oximeters, GPS, flat panel displays, and so on. With the inherent advantage of being light weight, flexible, bendable, and reliable, interconnect solutions become governed by volume as opposed to space of a two-dimensional hard board. Flex circuits are fully surface ntable to accommodate surface mount, chip-on-flex, as well as flip-chip technology.

The following are common types of flex circuit constructions. Come speak to us about your fabrication requirements.


  Polyimide Cover Film
  Polyimide Stiffener
  Solder Mask
Single-sided Construction
Double-sided Construction
A single-layer construction with a polyimide cover film laminated to copper allowing access from one side only.  Consists of double-sided copper clad material with top and bottom cover films.  The cover films are pre-routed to access copper from both sides using plated thru holes.
Dual Access
Same construction as single-sided flex; however, pre-routed openings are made in the cover film allowing access to both sides of the copper layer. Consists of multiple layers of single
and/or double-sided material laminated with thermoset adhesive. Layers
range from 3 to 10 layers.
Multi-layered Flex Rigid
Consists of a single-sided flex circuit with copper foil and relieved in certain areas to achieve maximum flexibility - especially in the dynamic region. This will have double-sided construction in certain areas and single-sided construction in the dynamic area. A combination of single and/or double-sided flex laminated with thermoset adhesive onto a single and/or double-sided FR-4 clad material. Layers range from 1 to 8 layers in the flex area and up to 10 layers in the rigid area.