DWS-200 Desktop Wave Soldering Machine

DWS-200 Desktop Wave Soldering Machine

Part #: DWS-200
Lead Time: 4 weeks
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DWS-200 is a desktop compact wave soldering machine with CE certification.
Model DWS-200
PCB width 50-200MM
Soldering mode Pallet ( PCB size 50*50-200*200MM)
Solder volume 50kg
Dimension 1300(L)*580(W)*730(H)Net weight
Net weight 90kg
Operation mode touch screen+ PLC
Transport speed 0.3M-0.9M/min
Flux tank capacity 2L
PCB transfer direction from left to right
Spraying mode foam type
Preheating zone one separately bottom preheating zone
Preheating power 1.8 KW / part
Preheating temperature room temperature~260℃
Solder pot materials Stainless(Standard), upgrade to titanium (Options)
Solder pot heater heating tube
Heater power 1.2KW*2PCS
Solder pot temperature room temperature~320℃
Wave quantity Dual wave
Max. wave height 8mm
Top Clearance 40mm
Solder pot heating-up time 80 mins
Solder pot lift manually
Solder pot in and out manually
Total power 4.5Kw
Air supply 3-5BAR
Power supply single phase 220V 50HZ
Is a desktop compact wave soldering machine with CE certification.

System features:
  • PLC and touch screen system makes the operation much easier . Can setting/saving/modify temperature , speed, preheating time etc on the screen.
  • Foam fluxing. It is composed of foamed pipe, compressed air control valve and flux tank. Easy & robust.
  • Preheating zone equipped with infrared heating panel and PID controlled heating system. Preheating temperature and pallet stop time above preheating zone can be set.
  • Included dual wave nozzles, both wave heights are all controlled by stepper motor. Operator can change the height directly by the touchscreen.
  • The standard configuration of solder pot and wave nozzles is stainless steel
  • Upgrade to titanium solder pot and wave nozzles (Options).
  • Auto ON/OFF
  • Chain transport system, PCB is carrying by pallet
  • Fans cooling system

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