CYB-460-XL 1Meter Linking Conveyor

CYB-460-XL 1Meter Linking Conveyor

Part #: CYB-460-XL-1.0M
Lead Time: 1 - 2 weeks
Data Sheet: Download PDF File
The inspection conveyor is used when frequent visual inspection of PCB’s is required in the PCB assembly line.
Transport height 910mm ±30mm
Transfer direction Left to right
Operation side Front of the machine
Fixed rail Front of the machine
Interface SMEMA
Conveyer concept ESD flat belt
Belt speed 0.5-20m/min adjustable
PCB edge support 3mm
Components clearance Bottom 30 mm or specify
Power supply: 230 VAC/50 Hz/1 Ph
Power consumption 120VA max
Load bearing 1.5kg/PCB
Cooling system 1.0 M

Main Features:

  • Pannasonic PLC Program control.
  • Overhead LED lighting.
  • Start / Stop push button.
  • Anti-static conveyor belt.
  • Centre PCB stop position.
  • Easy way of belt replacement.
  • Work and by-pass mode selectable.
  • Heavy bottom design to prevent shifting.
  • PCB precise stopping in position.
  • Smooth and parallel width adjustment.(lead screw).
  • SMEMA compatible.

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